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About Me


Ever since I was a kid, I felt that music and performing in general ran through my blood, my personality, my everything…
Whatever you want to call it, It´s not an interest. It´s an essentiality to be happy!!!
From standing in my room as a 5 year young kid with an orange as a mic, lip syncing to old Elvis Presley tapes, to performing in bars, restaurants and theaters, in bigger and smaller productions all around the world. It…

Due to being adopted from Cali, (Colombia) across the globe to Sweden(Northern Europe), a country with a society/system where in my mind I never did fit in, I was always looking for a way out and to express what I felt and went through if you will. Not having the vocabulary needed at that time, music became my sanctuary to which I turned to when I had the need to feel safe and secure. In my later years it has come to be the way to define myself more then often. If you would ask the people closest to me to describe me with one word, it would be MUSIC.

While finding myself as a musician, growing up, it all started with playing the drums. My mom brought me to the community´s local school of music in the little rural Swedish town where I happened to live. Soon enough I was engulfed by this amazing form of art. This took form in me partaking every chance I got, to be up on a stage. I wanted to express myself, make people feel things, understand things, anything that music might do for us. I´ve always used it as an intake and outlet in whatever I was doing and needed at the time. Regardless of where I wanted to go, music always got me there and of course still does to this day.

Plays: Drums, Guitar, SopranoSaxphone, AltoSaxophone, TenorSaxophone, Harmonica, Congas, Djembe, Xylophone, Bass, Vibraphone. Percussion(western), Percussion(african)

Been working with:

  • Dr. John Clark(Head of music dep at SBCC, SB)

  • Dominic Camardella(Head Soundtech at Santa Barbara Sound Design)

  • David Paitch(Toto,)David Crosby(Crosby, stills & Nash), Chuck Cannon

  • Dr. John Douglas(Concert pianist/Music Supervisor in Hairspray)

  • Dr. Nathan Kreitzer(VocalCoach at SBCC)

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About Me


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